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Real Estate Contacts, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation. Real Estate Contacts, Inc. owns and operates The website is an online real estate advertising and marketing partner for real estate professionals. We offer real estate professionals the opportunity to reach consumers interested in buying or selling property in their respective geographic area. We are focused on developing our interests initially in the United States and continue with International properties.

Real Estate Contacts, Inc. is now actively seeking working capital for our expansion, marketing and growth through our Reg D 506 (b) private placement: FORM D: SEC Reg D 506(b) CIK 0001926715

The company has intentions to perform a “Direct Public Offering” (DPO) that will allow the company to raise capital without an underwriter at the companies own pace using a variety of structures such as filing an S-1 registration statement and/or Regulation A + (Tier 2) with the Securities and Exchange Commission: (SEC)  We will continue to introduce our operational progress and other corporate actions that include our plan of growth. 

Our website ( is a lead generation portal and relationship building partner for the real estate industry. Our website strategy is an ease of use approach which allows the consumer to view listings of homes from the website of their local real estate office or agent and to feature local real estate service providers ads. provides a service that enables real estate professionals to capture, cultivate, and convert leads which cater to prospective home buyers and sellers from our Real Estate Search engine website. The company’s website and plan of operation offers real estate professionals to grow their businesses online and have the opportunity to show their listings and reach consumers interested in buying a new home or selling and listing their current house for sale.

Our website will feature advertising banners from various other local businesses that work in the real estate field such as local mortgage brokers, title companies, real estate attorneys, contractors, among other service providers in the real estate profession.

The company anticipates to generate its revenue from selling advertising to real estate professionals featured on our real estate portal website. Our advertisers will pay a yearly fee that includes their profile description in the cities that they service. The profile description consists of a name or corporate name, business address, and a link to their website and their current listings page. For local service providers we include a banner ad that links back to their business website.


Our vision is to position our company and establish ourselves in the billion dollar agent-advertising market.

Target Market:

Our customer base is consumers interested in buying or selling their home and properties. We’ve made it an easy and convenient process for the consumer to start their search by featuring their local real estate companies, agents and local service provider’s website. Consumers can view current listings from their local real estate agent as well as their local service providers in their local market in hundreds of U.S. cities.


Robert DeAngelis is the Founder, President and Executive Officer of Real Estate Contacts, Inc. and has been since the company’s inception.
Robert has owned and operated a fully reporting SEC and OTC public company for 10 years. The company was sold in January, 2020. Robert’s intentions are to build, grow and market the company.

Exit Strategy:

Our exit strategy is to become a public company once the company is generating sufficient advertising revenues.

Real Estate Contacts, Inc. is now actively seeking working capital for our expansion, marketing and growth through our Reg D 506 (b) private placement:  

FORM D: SEC Reg D 506(b) CIK 0001926715

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