Invest in your Real Estate Business by being the Exclusive Real Estate Contact in your City

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Become the EXPERT and the go to Real Estate Contact in your city. Take advantage of being the only real estate agent, broker or office in the city that your work in with NO COMPETITION. 


It’s hard to compete. So don’t.. DOMINATE YOUR REAL ESTATE MARKET


Put you and your real estate business in a position to OWN YOUR MARKET.


We are looking for agents and offices interested in being the exclusive agent in the city that they work in.


Example of what your city page would look like:


You know your market. We can provide the support you need to succeed and capture fresh real estate leads.


The one major difference between and the competition is that we offer city and market exclusivity. As one of our Real Estate Contacts you can rest assured that we are 100% dedicated to your success in your city and market.


Combined with your industry knowledge and with your local market expertise you will receive fresh leads sent directly to your website from consumers interested in buying or selling their home.


We’re more concerned with featuring one Real Estate Contact in each city than growing a market by having multiple agents in each market. We want to focus our efforts and support for only one real estate agent in each city so that we are dedicated to their individual business success.


Exclusivity within the Real Estate Contacts network is one of the services that we offer. Your exclusive city will feature your profile, full contact information with links to your website and current listings page  so consumers can view all of your real estate listings.


Our goal is for YOU to be successful with enhanced online visibility to help you connect with a wider audience.


NO Competition…Exclusive City… Exclusive Leads…Stand out where it matters…Set yourself apart…


Open your account today  before someone else takes your city. Multiple cities are available.


Price is based on city market size: DON'T WAIT!


Please contact us at: to learn more or just login in and open your account.