About Real Estate Contacts

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REAC GROUP, Inc. is a public company, (symbols: REAC) that owns and operates RealEstateContacts.com.  The company is in the Beta testing stage of development for our national real estate website that connects home buyers and sellers with knowledgeable local Realtors and other real estate professionals that service their city and area to answer questions about the local housing market and current listings.
In addition to searching for homes and Realtors, consumers will also be presented ads from local qualified real estate related services.

The Company provides a comprehensive online real estate search portal that consists of an advertising and marketing platform for real estate professionals.

The Company’s website offers exclusive cities to real estate professionals so they can grow their businesses online and have the opportunity to show their listings and reach consumers interested in buying or selling property in their respective exclusive geographic areas.


RealEstateContacts.com  serves as a real estate search portal that directs consumers to receive more detailed information about agents, offices, current listings, homes for sale, commercial properties, mortgages, and foreclosures.  We provide a service that enables real estate professionals to capture, cultivate, and convert leads which cater to prospective home buyers and sellers. 

Our format is a “lead-generation” program for real estate professionals.


What makes us different?

Real Estate professionals use the internet to generate leads.  The top sources of internet leads are company and agent websites. Each real estate professional on our website will be the EXCLUSIVE agent in the city that they service in and will have their own profile page that contains the agent’s information and bios with links to their listings.

Consumers will benefit from our up-to-date home search network, agents will benefit from leads for their exclusive city/state areas and local real estate related service providers will benefit by getting their ads in front of consumers in a selected service ares. 

Our business strategy is having the agent, broker, or office be exclusive in their city which will eliminate all of their competition for that city.  For this reason, we believe our concept will have a high level of interest from any real estate professional.


Currently, while there are other real estate directories and portals on the internet, no one features real estate agents on a exclusive basis. We believe this approach will be attractive to real estate professionals in each locale.